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Receive by Giving

Argos First

Argos First is a charitable division of Argos Community Development Corporation. Our goal is to provide help and support through service projects within our local community. Referrals and applications will be reviewed regularly. Selections will be based on need and the scope of the project. Our hope is to partner with other local businesses, churches, and service groups to help better meet the needs in our community.  

Extending a helping hand to neighbor, an elder, or the person or the family that just need a little extra help, Argos First would like to be involved. If you would like to help or donate, please contact us. Your support could be a monetary donation, supplies, skill or trade, or even some sweat equity.

Argos Community Development Corporation offers low interest stimulus loans to small businesses in Argos in an effort to stimulate economic growth. Interested? Reach out to us.
Coming Soon!
Check back to learn about our external home improvement possibilities.
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