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What's new in Argos

Our Town

There are many new and exciting developments happening in our town.  Regardless if the Argos Community Development Corporation is involved or not, we do believe these organizations and special projects deserve a spotlight due to their direct impact to the revitalization of Argos.


We also like to share a little history about Argos. After reading a little more about us, we hope you fall in love with Argos as we have. 

Does your organization have community news that help enhance and promote Argos? Please share with us at


Elevate Argos raises the quality of place by engaging the community through a variety of experiences, celebrations, and activities.


Our library is the go-to place for quality, up-to-date materials and information to fulfill educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs.


Argos has three, and soon to be four, amazing parks to enjoy high quality living.  Community Park, Foker Park (aka Pond Park) and Memorial Park


We have an award winning K-12 school corporation in Argos. Argos Community Schools lives by their slogan "Where Kids Come First."


Argos is a small, quaint town located in north central Indiana. We pride ourselves on the small town feel that makes living in the Midwest a joy every day. Safety, great schools, proximity to large cities and inexpensive cost of living make Argos a great choice.

Learn more HERE.

Why the tagline A Town Within A Park? - To some, a park is defined by its square footage of grass, play equipment or walking trails that accompany it. To Argos, a park is more. A park means growth. It means play. To us, a park means traditions, family time and experiences. It means you are home.

Argos is focused on positive strategic growth. We play hard and we are rich with traditions. We offer numerous opportunities for experiences shared by our residents and their families. And in the near future, Argos will literally be A Town Within A our town parks will all be connected by a pathway.

Read about our town's logo HERE.

Nickel Plate Square.jpg

Nickel Plate Square - The new Argos downtown space

The new Nickel Plate Square was officially opened November 2022.

Read Press Release HERE.

Argos Community Schools

Argos is also home to a small, elite award winning school system where grades K-12 are on the same campus. It is within this unique educational atmosphere where tradition and family togetherness are instilled at a young age. 


Watch their new video and check out their website:

Gallery on West

We are thrilled the Town or Argos has a community center in our own community. Gallery on West, formerly known as "The Marshall County Community Center" is the perfect space for weddings, receptions, anniversary party, family reunions, and more. The community center provides the perfect space for your event! 

New Manufacturing Building

The Argos Manufacturing Center is a spec building that offers a flexible, industrial space allowing manufacturing prospects to place equipment in less than 120 days from execution of letter of intent to purchase or lease. This development is a customizable 50,000 sq. ft. building, expandable to 300,000 sq. ft.  The building is located within the Indiana Railplex, a 73.6 acre Shovel Ready certified park next to US Hwy 31. Sale price is negotiable. The Town of Argos is the electric service provider with primary 400 amps, which can be upgraded easily.


UPDATE: Welcome Sequel Wire and Cable to the Town of Argos. Learn more about our new tenants here:


History in Under 100 Words

Argos’ history began in 1832 when land was purchased from the Pottawatomi Indians. The town grew from the communities of Sidney and Fremont, the name was later changed to Argos.


Argos was founded at the junction of two major railways and the Michigan Road Highway. In 2001, Argos celebrated their 150th anniversary with a two-day Sesquicentennial Celebration.


Today, many of the homes in Argos display the district architecture of William Foker, an accomplished stone mason.

Picture provided my Marshall County Museum Historic Crossroads Center

Argos Newsstand, taken in 1925.

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