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Argos Community Developmental Corporation is committed to improving housing opportunities within the Argos Community. This organization will increase the number of single-family homes, as well a look at future multi-family residence locations. The increase in housing opportunities will come through purchasing open lot spaces and constructing homes within the Town of Argos and by developing areas designated as future housing developments. Argos Community Development Corporation will also create and develop relationships with builders and developers to facilitate the creation of a variety of housing opportunity.

Argos Community Developmental Corporation has a goal to not only increase the number of homes in Argos, but to offer a variety of housing options to encourage families to reside within the Argos Community.

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It is a great time to start your new chapter in Argos.
Housing is growing in Argos! Not just housing - but high quality, custom built homes.
  • Colonial Estates is expanding (Argos Redevelopment.)
  • Another house is about to break ground in town (Argos Community Development Corporation.)
  • A new subdivision on the Southside of town will be starting late Fall (Partnership with Argos Community Development Corporation and Argos Redevelopment.)
Are you interested in a home? Please contact Mandy Campbell Real Estate Team at or HERE.
Homes are custom built by B & B Roofing and Construction.
New Subdivision:
The new Deerfield Meadows subdivision will have availability for 32 single-family houses on 21 acres.

Interested in this Argos Community Development Corporation driven home? Contact Mandy Campbell Real Estate Team. 574-780-5276

Read the Press Release HERE.
301 N. Michigan
633 Constitution.jpg

633 Constitution 

648 Heritage.jpg


648 Heritage 

673 Constitution Ave.jpg


673 Constitution Ave 

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Plum St.


What's New

  • We purchased six lots from Argos Community Schools for future home development.  

  • The old church on Michigan St. has been torn down and a new home built.   

  • An agreement has been reached with a builder to purchase lots from Redevelopment on the housing development on 16th rd.

Are you interested in our housing projects? Would you like to learn more about the features our town has to offer? Contact us today.

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