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Grow Argos


Our Mission

Argos Community Development Corporation works to improve, enhance, and promote the community of Argos, Indiana by encouraging economic growth, develop affordable housing opportunities, and creating an appealing and desirable community to work and reside.

Why Argos?

Argos, Indiana, the town where the collaboration of its citizens results in a top-notch school system, affordable homes, short work commutes, and the possibility of living a work-life balance...and we have exceptional parks!   

Zoom Town

Argos is perfectly suited to cater to families looking for a hometown that blends remote work and a high-quality of living. We are a community where work-life balance is obtainable.  

Come to Argos for low cost of living, numerous opportunities, great K-12 education, space to enjoy time outside...and stay for the family experience and connections you will receive.

What makes us the perfect Zoom Town?

  • New housing being developed

  • High Speed Internet - RTC Fiber Internet

  • Fax, copy, and meeting space available - Argos Public Library 

  • As a Town Within A Park, we have plenty of green space to enjoy life

  • Short two-hour commute to Chicago, Indianapolis, Kalamazoo and less than two-hours to Fort Wayne.

  • Award winning school system - Argos Community Schools

  • Low cost of living

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Sense of Connection


You know that feeling when someone knows your name? Being known creates a deep sense of connection.


Imagine now a community where you are known and considered family. Walking into the diner and hearing "hey Bill, would you like your usual?" is something you experience in a small town like Argos. Support, neighborly care, and a family friendly environment awaits you.

Invest Now!

Now is the time to invest in Argos! Our town has gained significant momentum towards our strategic development and revitalization. Moving to Argos and/or starting your business here will ensure you play a key role in the overall growth and experience of our residents. If you are interested, please reach out to a member of our board of directors listed on our contact page.

Argos Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible. Please check back soon for opportunities to make a financial impact towards the growth of Argos. 


Stellar Community

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The Town of Argos is part of the Marshall County Crossroads - the group of volunteers, leaders, towns and city within Marshall County that was awarded the Stellar Communities designation in 2019.

Launched in 2011, the Stellar Communities Program is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment initiative led by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, which is overseen by Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. The program works with self-selected regions on their vision for community and economic development, promotes local and regional partnerships and assists in implementing innovative solutions to challenges facing Indiana’s rural communities.


Through the annual designation, the Stellar Communities Program provides resources for transformative quality of place community improvements by utilizing previous planning efforts, leveraging existing assets, fostering regional investments and stimulating continued growth. Visit for more information.

Marshall County Crossroads is a “self-selected region” and is composed of all within the boundaries of Marshall County.  It is the planning group responsible for designing a Quality of Life Plan for Marshall County geared to making our great hometowns the best in the Midwest.  Crossroads works to implement the plan, and make appropriate refinements, as the years progress.

Read about what amazing new upgrades that will take place in Argos HERE.

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